Posted on February 8, 2016 in Latest News

How linen hire can help your business thrive in the wedding and event industry


If your business is in weddings and events, you’ll know how important the small details are to the success of your business. And if you’re adept at hosting large-scale functions, you’ll understand how important fresh, clean napery is in maintaining a sophisticated ambience and cultivating a relaxed atmosphere to keep your customers and their guests happy.


Just one small problem can result in falling below the standard of presentation your business is built on—and it could be as simple as a spotty knife or a stained tablecloth. That’s why it’s so important to garnish your events with the highest quality linen.

If you’re maintaining your linen onsite, you might not have considered hiring it instead—but there are some important reasons why you should, and a lot of ways it can help your business thrive.


Bring down your overheads


You already know how much dirty linen a single event can generate in just a few hours of one evening: the sheer volume of tablecloths, table runners, napkins, and chair covers demand a lot of labour, especially if you’re going to maintain the high quality standards that are integral to your service.

It’s a big expense, and you’re probably parting with a good deal of your capital every year in wages, permits, maintenance, water and electricity. It might be tempting to try and reduce your costs by cutting corners if you’re doing your laundry onsite, but it’s not worth it.

Your customers and guests might not notice how clean, fresh and bright the linen is at their event, but they’ll certainly notice it if it’s below par—and bad web reviews can carry an enormous financial risk to businesses in such a competitive and heavily scrutinised industry.

Hire Linen BrisbaneThe better option is to hire your linen from a reputable supplier, who’ll always have a good supply of perfect laundered linen on hand for a fraction of the cost of what you’re probably already paying, and none of the stress of getting it to the professional presentation standard you’re known for.


Maintain a high-end appearance


Weddings and other formal events are defined by elegance and formality, and your napery is just as important as the centrepieces and decorations in achieving the high-end sophistication your customers demand.

Never underestimate the impact of freshly pressed table linen in a white wedding.

You’ll see close up photographs of it on any of your competitors’ websites, and it’s often the main selling point in offering hosting and decorating services for formal events.

While each event might have its own particular brand of styling that contributes to its beauty, the real success of the reception depends heavily on the simple fact that there’s crisp, clean linen on the tables.

If your centre or service can’t guarantee a consistent supply of professionally laundered linen, you should consider hiring it from a reputable provider—it could be the single most important factor in the success of any of your events.


Make your business sustainable


As a business owner, you’re under the increasingly heavy obligations that all Australian businesses are: to reduce your carbon footprint, and to operate in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way.

If you’re not a professional with the right resources, your laundry services will be consuming large volumes of natural resources and causing waste and pollution. Hiring your linen from a good linen service provider can actually help to conserve water and energy resources and reduce your business’s impact on the environment—as well as help your back pocket.

Professional linen services use systems your business probably doesn’t have, like water recycling systems and heat recovery to conserve resources.

They’re also likely to be better at managing their wastage, and maintaining a longer lifespan for their linen through better practices.

That means you’ll also be more economically sustainable, when you’re not wasting capital by prematurely replacing your linen, or paying too much for your resources.


Smooth out your operations


There are a lot of important obligations in every event you’re hosting—that can include anything from catering, to flowers, to entertainment, to amenities and legalities.

As a business owner, you’re discerning when you’re outsourcing these tasks, and no doubt choosing the best out of a range of providers to guarantee that you’re delivering the highest quality available.

But if you’re not using a professional for your wedding and event linen as well, you could be undermining your own reputation for high-end service, and missing out on some important benefits.

Hiring your linen is a great way to streamline your services and reduce some of your expenses. The cost of the service is greatly outweighed by the stress and responsibility you can save yourself by freeing up time for managing other essential services—and you’re investing in the consistent delivery of a high-quality product that will improve your business’s professionalism and success.

It’s easy to improve your profit margins and your reputation for attention to detail, and to keep your customers happy.


Contact CleanTex anytime for the best quality wedding and event linen hire, and we’ll deliver the right solutions to help you maintain the refinement and elegance of your services—and to thrive in a competitive industry.