Cleantex provides high quality linen hire solutions at affordable prices.

Delivering crisp clean linen that will make your rooms feel warm and inviting.

Our linen hire range encompasses:


Pillow cases

Bath towels

Bath mats

Hand towels

Face Washers

And more…

Linen Hire Brisbane - CleanTex Services Linen Hire Brisbane - CleanTex Services

With other companies linen hire can be a long tedious process but Hiring linen with Cleantex services is simple and easy. Whether you are switching providers or hiring linen for the first time we will provide you with all the support you need.


If you need to launder your pre-existing tablecloths and serviettes, or if you need to hire these goods, Cleantex Services can assist you by delivering a large range of assorted tablecloth sizes to suit your requirements, we also supply serviettes and maintain a variety of round tablecloths.