We know when you work hard your workwear gets dirty, but that’s what we’re here for!

Cleantex offers work wear laundering services for individuals and businesses. So whether you’re walking through our door with your uniform or your business wants to launder its employees uniforms/work wear as a service Cleantex can help you today.

CleanTex services:

Industrial work wear

Chef Uniforms

Hi-Visibility Garments


Event staff uniforms

Polo Shirts

Business wear

And more…

Workwear & uniforms Brisbane - CleanTex Services

Laundry To Locker Service

Utilising our cutting edge RFID system Cleantex provides Our laundry to locker service. Laundry to locker service means uniforms/workwear are sorted and delivered to individual locker or secured locations on premises.  RFID tagging system offers on time delivery every time. Please call us to discuss your locations requirements.