In 2014, CleanTex implemented a cutting edge RFID scanning system into its factory.

How it works: With an RFID tag attached to your goods, you will have a dedicated account registered into the RFID system. This system has the capability to delegate goods into separate departments, and specify that goods are specific to certain employees, enabling us to supply you with our ‘Laundry to Locker Service’. The RFID System eliminates the need for you to do any sorting, and your goods can be delivered to the right place at the right time. As the goods move through this process, the system can pinpoint their location at each stage, giving us the ability to track them.

Reporting: The RFID system generates detailed reports on the goods that customer’s supply:

  • You can know exactly where your goods have been
  • How many washes they have been through
  • How much longer they are expected to be in use
  • Identifies which employee the goods belong to
  • Can track your goods location at all times
  • Will reduce labour costs of your business